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Related article: ot beaten in the head and suffered of amnesia. All these things would be easier to believe that Roger was not without reason, without explanation. For Cliff, daily life was an endless succession, a funeral, that does not occur because there is no corpse. The order of the day was incessant crying, morning and night, day after day. As often as Cliff had seen, read a movie, book or watched a news program where someone had lost a child was not kidnapped, and the minute they notified the family the death of the child, parents and members so relieved. in the past I had always thought to himself: "How do you feel relieved," But now, for the first time in his life, Cliff understood her sigh of relief closing. It is the dreaded "certainties " that one is afraid, is the unknown. Cliff in contact with John Walsh and asked if Roger shows, photo s in his person "Most Wanted to show. " Undoubtedly, throughout the continent must I have seen! Each of the large estatand knew that the house does not use phone - simply follow in the event, clearly Roger. The parish was full of campers unhappy. Roger 's disappearance had cast a shadow over the entire rehabilitation y, curiously, in all sexual activities. Everyone in the house sense that Cliff did a favor by not using physical contact. Timmy had stopped to kiss Rob even " hello" when Rob returned to work in the afternoon. Been replaced by the happy cheesy, gag -a -minute Jay by Jay muffled and heavy. Cliff asked if a knockout would Jay in remission and recovery. Troy had stopped training. He served as , if it does not matter if you have or better. One of them may have had a of red paint and painted a big " D " on the door... 'D ' n depression. But that was useless, since the door can not be seen from the street. If possible, could fill a pot Cliff have been created with Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Xanax and availability Efflexor n all household.. Timmy got the message that he could return to his old job as a teacher without questions. Or at least something to be thankful. while test Detective Timmy had Roger deliver all data are entered. no s up to several days after Cliff clear that Troy and Judge Wilkinson the same name. If someone had brought attention to that could create chaos in the community. But fortunately, nobody dos and two together. If he had, would still zero Troy because the judges were not related. three days ago, said Jay cliff had received a unexpected phone call from a man named Kyle, who also just happen to live in Briarwood, , but lived on the opposite side of the city. The irony of this message Lonnie Jay lover who died of AIDS, Kyle had been for Jay. Lonnie had Jay and Kyle both HIV-positive. Kyle knew that Jay Briarwood lived somewhere, and the man was with Kyle, Walter remain Clayton to find, for detective work paid Jay 's whereabouts. Walter and Kyle somehow were able to get a clue and finally Jay track the bottom of the rectory. Kyle Jay wanted to meet for coffee and chat. Jay Cliff asked if he thought it was a good idea, and without hesitation, Cliff replied: " Yes. " Cliff felt that Jay and Kyle could talk and get to a closing in relation to Lonnie. That was one thing, Cliff coveted his position - all they needed but could not face a future --- without Roger. First, Jay had to say suspicious, contact Troy at the proposed n with Kyle and Jay and Troy were almost inseparable, and that began their adventure. Jay was not sure if Troy would be jealous, or if possibly more in the "Meeting " should be. Jay did not know Kyle. The two had knowingly na Lonnie 's funeral looking, but every refused to say a word to the other... not even " hello". Lonnie had just connected together, so there was no reason for Troyto suspect or jealous. Of course, the church did not know that Cliff was gay, or that Roger was her lover. The municipality rejected their relationship as is just roommates. Therefore, when Cliff was at work, who had maintaining a facade though cheerful is crumbling from within. Saturday confessions in the afternoon was almost a pleasure. Listen to the sins of all, and suffering, Cliff feels that it was not so bad. Cliff was almost always sardonic. Someone said that they or their divorce aunt in Houston had this terminal illness, and at times almost Cliff shouted, " Hooray, who are worse off therefore I am" But Cliff was nothing that that in nature. Cliff was not surprised, amused, seeing Jason and Tony, his two favorite altar, waiting outside the confessional. or continued sexual experiments, knowing how to drive, or they had received from their parents Flack in his behavior. Clif and only if he expected would not betray his "sin" to enter the confessional together. Anglicans are not known for being stupid, or is critical. As a religious sect, believe it is sin large, or of pardon and forgive. Therefore, if the line of "sinners ", each n waits his turn in the confessional, he saw two boys confess together must assume either that the boys had stolen a store together or maybe he had a new five-finger exercises learned together. But fortunately for Tony Cliff and Jason joined separated. Anyone who is Lolita Fuck a secret she had revealed her confessor idea of ​​what awaits Cliff. " Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. " It was the voice of Tony. "What I'm probably going to say next ? " Covered Cliff his mouth to laugh. " How long has it been since your last confession? " Cliff managed. " Never... I mean, forever... Well, Father, this is my first time. " " Well, usually you strip all the sins we have Committeed and then ask about the seriousness of the offense. say " " Do I have everything? "Would he said. Although Cliff do not see, he knew Tony 's eyes were wide glossy brown in n outlets. " You know, if you let me talk and say you want your penance. " " What kind of penance ? " " That depends on how deep you have sinned. O " " Uh, I could be sentenced to life imprisonment. " " There is no sin too great to forgive. " " But I have to say anything ? " " Yes " Cliff knew what Tony had to admit, it was at the top of his mind, , and was quite concerned. But at the same time this small deviation in the normal boring confession was so funny, Cliff felt better than at any time from the disappearance of Roger. decided to play together and pull this scene with Tony, like everything he could. " I know that can not see me, Father, but I know that recognize my voice... Is not it ? " " I have a pretty good idea, but keep in mind what I say confession can not go tHave the walls of this cabin. I am not bound to my vow of secrecy. " " Well, then you probably already know what I have to confess, and that who else is involved. " " I'll be like a judge and form an opinion until I hear all trials. Well, what can I say ? " " Well, you know what you told me and Jason to talk to our mothers and 'parents what we did. " " Yes, I remember. " " is not well, found everything in order, but what you think. " " Oh yeah? " " Yes We were at home... Jase in his bedroom... and we were doing , as we always do... you know.. Jerkin ' to each other... and then decided to to do some other things... " " Oh yeah? What things? " " Oh, you know, other things... as birds and bees stuff, only with the boys. " " And did you try? " " Yes, we have the pants and underwear... we have in our shirts, , but... Somehow, it took four or five attempts before it worked. I think it injured Jason, but he was not trying to show. Anyway, we began to move together,I do not know, "Doin 'It '?... and honest to goodness, Father, that was a much faster than just straw. It took a Lolita Fuck long time, but felt safe good... But this time was about Jase 's mother to give us a few Coca- Cola and saw us... She screamed and dropped the cocaine and that is all on the carpet, and I jumped up and tried to hide with my pants n before I could get my underwear, called to seek the father come Jase with us. Lolita Fuck "n " You mean, also saw them ? " " Yes, he came running like Jase Jase 's mother was found dead on the floor ot something... and it was all he said to his father, "Look! " And then she ran through the door and called my mother. " "What is Jason 's father do? " " Nothing. It was really nice. He took the bathroom and said, ot wash well, but I was so worried what Mom told me Lolita Fuck Jase mom, I could not even keep soap... once slipped so far that landed in the bathtub. " " So? " " and then Jase 's father saw what was happening and nervous he sat in Edge of the tub and took the towel and washed me and Jase, both. " " Did he say anything ? " " No, it does not mean I was worried. " " So purified, and then what? " " We dressed and sat on the edge of the bed, waiting to get to Jase 's mother and excitement with us. " " And do you have? " " No, Jase 's father would not allow it. " " What did he say? "N " He said what he did was go to all the children in stage n by. Heck, he said they had made ​​themselves. " " How did they react ? " " It was very interesting. You just sorta smiled, said, and did so, she knew what she was talking about. " " So do not scold you ? " " No... But I was more worried about what my mom and dad wanted to say when I got home. " " Did your parents come to your house and Jase. " " They came by, well, not just come to me. It was like a Meeting of the tribes. I swear, I thought Jase you'd've get pregnant and had plans to make wedding for us. " " was Jason frightoo? Have " " Yes, but not half of what I did. " " If your parents, you and Jason all sit down and have a Talk? " " Our parents wanted, but I let her in. Jase kitchen, where they sat. You even have the door, so no could hear what they said. " " What did you and Jason do? "N " We sat in the living room. We were both afraid and ashamed , we could not even each other. We heard speaks loudly in the kitchen. " " They were angry? I mean, they shouted to each other ? " " No, a couple of times we heard that he laughed out Lolita Fuck loud! " " Do you think they were laughing at you and Jason? "N " I was determined, for half an hour later came all " friends" like. You know, we were told that the children will one day marry to each other in our church? " " Yes " " Well, Jase and I thought I had made plans to get married after a secret, what we have done. " " What did they say? " " Now, First said, all the things he told us, as was normal for children to experiment with others. " " he was angry, " " with you ? No, that is! They told us if we wanted to act as needed to start a adults to do things as adults. They told us we would have n go to church and confess and ask forgiveness for what we have done... and then the two nations made ​​the promise, if we try something n again, would have to use condoms. " " You mean he has given you permission to continue of... His experiments ? " " Yes, but only if you and God forgave us, only thing is... I think God is mad at me... and punished me. " " Why do you think so ? " " Because I was not capable of an erection, no. I believe God has is a curse on my own. " cliff All I could think was," God, the wonder of youth! And thank you God understands that the parents! " But instead of consolation for Tony Cliff said: " Tony, I'm sure this will have only a temporary problem. I gthe boy a the parents chose not to punish you. Not all kids are as lucky as you. I'm trying not , to scare, but there are many names that are made ​​in what appears n that , as a sin... a sin that you would for any kind of eternal hell punishment. But fortunately for both, our church has not seen a things like that. People are born gay, it has just been born. for Lolita Fuck How can we tolerate a group and condemn the other Lolita Fuck ? A God of love... a god who knows... God of all creations are treated equally... can not be a big difference if he is God. " " Do you mean that there is no penalty what we have done ? " " None that I know or I think " " Why do I have to confess that you want? " " Because... and I take this as a compliment, he wanted his parents to get into the habit of talking about things you are not sure. knew say what I say. They trusted me to tell you what he end it was the right thing. " " God, I feel so relieved. " " ANo. I bet a case of Coca -Cola, the next time you try something You will not have trouble getting an erection. " " Do you really think? " " I'll bet. The only problem is... I know that you and Jason have only each other, but their parents are right, the condom n decision. There are many diseases and suffering in the world, such as syphilis, gonorrhea and AIDS, and some of these things have no cure, yet. Many of them are not sure how they are transmitted. And until n to know where they come from and how to treat. Our only salvation is caution. Never be too careful with your spouse, or your best friend. Keep your promises and do not carry condoms just contact activities such as masturbation. " " Father, you know how worried I have to confess that they have been this afternoon? " " I have a pretty good idea. " " Therefore, everyone in the Church calls him " father", regardless of their age. "N " I suspect it has a point, Tony. I neThere are different thoughts dom " " So what 's my penance? " " His repentance is... I want to go home and Jason, and thanks to the mothers and fathers who had love for yourself and say how happy that parents have a. " " That's it? " " Tony, I think, that's enough. Just remember, when you o Jason has a problem, you're not afraid of him to talk to your parents or come Lolita Fuck to me. I'm always here for you. "N " You know, you 're right, Father ! " " So are you, Tony! " " Now I want to see Jason in love with you ? " " your sins are the same as you? " " identical. " " Then send in " " I 'm just the first thing you want for your child you said that to hell. " " Tony, do not you dare ! You have to know the wrath of God? " " Yes " " Well, is not the wrath of God be upon you in abundance ! You will not see , behaves as an Irish priest, if he gets angry ! " " OK, Dad. Do not tease him. I want it as much as I love you do. " Tony left the phone booth with a smile. He was replaced by a more worried a good perception of beauty that was Kyle 's face. Kyle was a very vivid dream with her ​​dark hair, dark eyes and dark skin. Each manufacturer at any time advertising agency in the world to be eager to have Kyle 's face to a product or a magazine cover. Jay could not understand by Lonnie Kyle never left. When Brad Pitt, Kyle had to be met before Jennifer had met, create a Lolita Fuck new chapter in the annals of Hollywood written. " Jay? " Kyle said, Jay balance and returned to his welcome guest. "Down n Hi, Kyle. Sit , please. " Said Jay, said the chair across from him, as he sat own. "I was thrilled to see my call. " N "I must admit I was surprised to discover that living here in Briarwood. " " This is something , is not it " " Ripley comics right thing. " " have you called yet? " " no, I was expecting. " n "Order what you want... my treat. " "Café Français will be fine. " "are" n "by two.... seems to be the same as with lovers is not something that together. "The blonde 'Rick Schroeder - like "came to the table and its order, then left, smiled shyly over the shoulder " So what are you doing now that you're at home, " Jay. ? in demand. n " you want the long or the short version? " " Whatever. " " Let me give you the Lolita Fuck capsule version. " " OK. " " Lonnie left me about five years before you arrive, and I realized, was a benefactor of what they had to offer. It seems that left him a little something that reminds me. Now, little by little my agent and advisor I froze, all well-paid jobs, and all of them but I ran out City as I had the plague or something... I think that's really --- I actually had fun because the plague. "Either way, I came home to Briarwood with my mother and my father to be. At least here I could try to hide, I think he wanted to do with the rest of my short life. And when people saw, I could not stay on top on the carousel of gold, to me about their lives. ah knew Dad wouldAll returned to work and could no longer enjoy the social and the pseudo -cultural way of life had grown accustomed to my money. I had tried to delete several times in New York. Once the gas "friendly in a cone shape. Then I tried to sharpen my knife on the wrists. Another n At the time I was shy about taking a pill of a drug overdose. New York found was too expensive, there to stay and die So I went home for love, age Daddums and Ha -... mom even let me put my foot in your I have door a small room was on the south side of Briarwood I had. enough money to live. I can get my other tests of all ads that done. this is something that the white mother and father did not. but anyway, I am this space, not to live, but die in my T cell count was so low, that s not write a shadow in the midday sun. Just before leaving New York , I Park Avenue doctor gave me a prescription for barbiturates to sleep for the treatment of pain... whatever. I took the wHole damn bottle. It took me only 'em on an empty stomach and began to vomit. I was so busy loud, listen to this guy in the room next door and threw me and called 911th Paramedics arrived, I was taken to hospital, and pumped my stomach so he could continue enjoying my life fun. I met this doctor at the hospital , Dr. Hughes, and he made me go to his suicide group. It was there, I got in touch with two other boys in the group, Ryan and Alex. " The waiter came with their coffee and waited for Kyle to trust him to had before continuing saga. Kyle a sip of hot liquid re- strengthening its overall value and start again. "Dr. Hughes graduated with me, Ryan and Alex as a kind of mini- support group. Then I became very ill and ended up back in the hospital - I was sure it was the last time Ryan Then I came to visit. to his people began when he discovered he was gay found. Said Alex s father, Walter, a favor to Alex, Ryan can move in his cave, and n to live with all theone of them. Then ask of wonders, miracle of miracles, Ryan began to visit me, sometimes two or three times a day. Ryan brought Alex and Ted with him. Walter was about to come to my hospital room every day , and the young Jeff. " " It seems as if the whole family "adopted", " " This is not the best part, Jay. Believe it or not, how sick I was, I fell in love with Ryan! " " Oh, my God, this is something right is Barbara Cartland W. P! " " Crazy, is not it. No, I have a foot in the grave and another on a waxed floor, with a time of death and learn to live again - falling in love " " Kyle when finished, I have a story for you! However, GO ON! SAY ! " " Jay, my T cells went to the clouds! That is better! Perhaps the drugs in strength or maybe it was the old love. No matter what I. So the day he was discharged from the hospital, Walter came to take home. He and his boys Ryan gave a surprise party, only Waltersaved " me" biggest surprise Ryan. " " Kyle, dammit, I should have brought some Kleenex ! " " Wait a minute, you will need for sure! " "Jesus Christ! Do you mean something else ? " " Jay, you were right a moment ago when he said that Walter had family bye, as the last gift was really saved Ryan Walter is a gift to us... Ryan and me! " " What, for heaven's sake ? Tell me, prior to pee my pants! " " Without knowledge there Ryan, Walter and his " children" converts space above the garage into a five-room apartment for Ryan and me. I mean, It's like some " bra u0026 G 'set up! All modern ! All trademarks new. Walter gave each one of us, Ryan and I, a key and told him had arranged only for the two of us in the times we live. " " Oh, God, Kyle, how wonderful. I guess I should say that Lonnie talked a lot, especially to the end. He was delirious with their illness and sometimes get confused and call me " Kyle"while I had it. There was a lot of VHS tapes, recorded immediately TV ads. There were two full bands to make their scenes ' we have come. "Oh, you and I do not know each other, but I knew you n is, I saw your poster half way through Times Square cast. Love Lord, I have to go down with the vapors of every time I saw her large bump in the Strait of Calvin. I used to go to limp to the subway at the your picture gave me an erection. " " Oh, stop it! " " I mean it, Kyle. I had never seen a man so beautiful as. When I had learned to live with Lonnie farewell" gift " for me, I angry... especially with him, but he was dead, so I turned my hate down. I wondered if it was, had given him, and I was hoping that as sick as I am, until that day at the funeral of Lonnie. I 'll admit, but not for fear that I would like to talk with you and claw attack the eyes. " " " I think I'm happy that I do not know enough to talk with you! " Jesus, I was very happy that Lonnie was dead, but I hated to more in the way that destroyed my life. I had heard a rumor, by vine n Third Avenue Lonnie had given. Then all the n Suddenly, down was his larger than life billboards. She disappeared from the soap opera and that's when I'm sure that was her life getting fucked like mine! " " Jay, I love you Lonnie ? " " He was a good fuck! I just wish it had not been "negligent"Shit ! Do you? Do you love Lonnie ? " " No, I loved to fuck ! " " Oh, you are a senior ? " " so to speak... "Kyle blushed slightly and tried to change subjects. " I do not know how or why I remembered that you or your people lived Briarwood but the other night while dining at Walter were House began to talk about HIV and Lonnie, and casually mentioned that n I lived in Briarwood. The next day, Walter came to the phone and is a guy who does background checks later some of its customers, and two hours, the detective address not only had the phone number. He called and said a guy named Rob, and I wondered if I lived n is. He said, " Yes" and let the number of Ryan called n I... and, well, here we are! " Jay suddenly happy face at night when I was talking seriously about themselves. He took a sip of his coffee instead of water. " Kyle, immediately after death Lonnie, who applied for disability o one man can not live in the crowd dispersed, and certainly not in New the city of York. Therefore, as you, I came home to die... or live... according to for the first time. I was rejected, like you, all my family, friends, and neighbors. I also thought about suicide. I could not decide when where and how. As one afternoon, I went to Weeping Willow Park and sits on the lake to try to make a decision about my death and attain the , suddenly, something strange happened to me. I felt a hand on my shoulder and a 180 degrees, but when I sawHe s nobody behind me... Only a man of about 100 meters, is located in a pavilion, of food. It looked from afar as he was a priest collar. On the other hand, I do not know why, but I felt that "something " drives me to go to conversation with the priest. I got up and walked slowly to the pavilion and the n The closer Lolita Fuck I came, I saw my speculation was correct. He was a priest... a young priest, at my age. When I got close enough to speak, the eyes of his sandwich and I felt a chill through my body. I looked at the priest in the eyes and for a moment I thought he was dead and look into the eyes of Christ. Even as he spoke, and said hello Come, sit with him, was not even sure if it died and in heaven to meet my Maker. " Now Jay shook hands, and he took a sip of coffee strength to continue. " Certainly not the Christ or an angel. One man told me, Cliff was the father... no name... only ' Cliff' spoke for a short time wit y... before I knew it was in his car and took me to home in his parish church. I stayed with him for a few days n, and without going into details, in a few weeks ago we had an adult in the family n. One of the boys was her lover, a man named Roger. " Roger was evident that a priest at the time, and that Cliff lover n best friend were children in it. Another kid my age, whose name is Troy was the victim of a Cliff car accident and asked me if I would be Troy and help rehabilitate him... and that was the beginning of the life of my s new. Kyle, like most of the queens, I am inclined to exaggeration. But I've never seen a how do you swear in person, may, Troy is the best man that ever put eyes. I forgot I had no problem with mine, my total focus \\ \\ n began life centered around it. I took care of him, as if I had given birth n to him. bathed him, fed him, clothed him... even changing diapers to speak as. I could not seem to let my hands of him day and nightt. "I'm not sure what kind of lives they led before he met Troy , but it would not be used in the taste. It was as if everything he was doing was a special favor for him. at first gushed with pride. then I began to see how to put his hand on mine, and I feed or massaging it. During our talk, suddenly he wanted to keep me hand kept going. Then one day, right out of nowhere, it did to him, and kissed me. I could not believe it. for me it was like Rock Hudson kissing Harvey Fierstein. " " Good God, Jay. do not look a thing like Harvey Fierstein " " But that's how I felt. I knew from the beginning that I have AIDS, and s that made ​​no difference to him. Later that night, Troy and I n found a way to have sex despite her physical disability. But that was an n of the rare where a quick roll in the hay was more than that. I I was in love with Troy. it was when he said he was in love with me that I almost freaked out !It took several sessions with the father Cliff for him to convince me that Troy affection for me was honest. " Now we have to share a room... and Kyle, for the first time and only in my life, I am in love with someone who really loves me! " " Jay, seems you and I found an honest and home legitimate love. Tell me, you work a regular job ? " " No win, hold my, I was a chef and washer bottles, and now I practically bring the house ! There are two more of us live in the house , Rob, who spoke on the phone, and her new lover, Timmy. ` expulsion Both have " stories like yours and mine. " Jay was safe, telling his story now, and wanted to others say. " Roger was in some way in this huge inheritance and bought the bigger house and more expensive the s that you can imagine, and we moved in the n , and formed a group to feed the family of each other... happily --- according to last week when Roger suddenly disappeared. No one has or heard anything about him. We are all very worried... for all Cliff. Is lost without his better half ! " " Maybe I should say, Walter and see if he can get his detective help you find Roger.. "Kyle said, " It would be nice, " Jay said quickly: " I'm sure cliff to pay all the n of their expenses. " " I'll call Walter, when I get home tonight. That is, the detective which is in a few hours. perhaps with a little luck goes a over again. " " We all look forward to it! " " Look, Jay, no matter what happens to all of us in the past of s. We both loved Lonnie and I'm sure he loved us both, in their n By the way... perhaps at different times, but there is no reason why you and I can not be friends. If you want, we can be monitors for each other, and talk about our symptoms, treatments and medications. I do not know what to take medicine hell n you, but you look as healthy as one piece. " " Cliff said, I'm always around the broccoli I eat trei times a day. "N " I have heard of another child in an AIDS clinic in New York, ate broccoli every meal. " " Is it better? "Jay asked. N " Nobody knows. He threw a fart so a doctor could not connect enough for him to have your t -cells. " He laughed so loudly and suddenly, as the laughter subsided everyone looked in the eyes of others. Suddenly he felt a bond of friendship among them... a link for several years together could have if is both urgently needed support n. "Kyle, I want to come home one night and meet the No other kids. I go to prepare a great feast in his honor. " " Only on one condition... Coming to the house of Walter is a night, Ryan, Walter, Alex, Ted, and Jeff... my new family. " " God I'm so glad you called me ! " " And I'm so glad you called me back ! " " Damn it, our lives have been established. Fucked " " You are only as current as we fuck. " " Hey, call me tonight, after talking with Walter n to the detective? "Kees, " the movie (1955) Cliff had mixed feelings about returning home late song. If only, when he arrived at the entrance to Rob and Timmy would come \\ \\ n runs to meet him and tell him news of Roger. But it was always the same... every night... no call... no message... no word n... no... just a lonely night in a king- size single. other kids in the house all had their own worries and concerns, without Cliff n is loaded with yours. he was imprisoned in her smile, keep the lip stiff above, and every other damn clichés that could as soon think of as , turned on the unit. the heaviest burden for a priest is something ever teach at the seminar and is that a priest should not his own suffering. he has not ever seen or ever will be bleak, with a look restless in his face. not allowed to mourn when he is ready of privacy. should never happier than a member of his flock. to view of the small salary that gets money, but never see rich. There is no private time in your life. Reserved for other people in need more. Sex? That is beyond doubt. Even a married priest with a woman real women must convince his flock that his wife thought the same in which the Blessed Virgin Mary. Priests are taught of the Lord is his shepherd, n and that is not desired. But somewhere along the way, do not read Cliff This book of rules... because now is the time I had to mourn... NOW is the time he had to " want "... NOW is the time for Roger to come home with him! When Cliff was the door of the rectory, as usual, Troy and sits at the dinner table. Timmy was one of the plates and covered. Rob was get quiet on the CD sleeve, but not depressing Jay was preparing food, music and hot plates of food she had prepared for in the middle, tell others about their encounter with Kyle before in the afternoon. Cliff put his bag in the cN hairs on your next inspection and maintains a cheerful greeting them all. They responded with applause as as he could, given the circumstances. Cliff went to the bathroom and washed his hands. Then he heard the Lolita Fuck phone ring and hear the heart of his s, since every time the phone rang his call was. It was a is no wonder that he did not suffer one thousand heart. His body stiffened at all times heard a phone ringing, but without success. There is always " someone" want something to... reputation that never prayed Cliff by day and night. Jay heard the call and begins once excited conversation with the caller. Cliff knew it was not Roger, because Jay is called him immediately. However, when Cliff left the bathroom, Jay made ​​him come to the phone... the call was for Cliff. The location of the receiver in his hand while he cleared his throat and is composite, to get what is new. Cliff phone calls have Lolita Fuck always been problems. He had learned the formerrespect someone ask tell you something or the latest bad things had happened. " Hello? " " is the father of San Ginés Cliff " community ? "Asked the voice. " Yes " " My name is Walter Clayton. I am a lawyer. I have a client that n believe, share a house with you... Roger Cole. " "YES! What have you heard ? Do you know where is it? Is not it all right? "Cliff quickly asked all their questions unanswered even give the caller a chance. " I'm afraid I do not know where, but I can assure you all that n right. He left the city, apparently inexplicable, going to some unspecified target, but this morning I received a letter from him no return address. The letter included instructions for me n manage their financial affairs as he, until he returned. He said Lolita Fuck that s all you or your other guests, he wanted without having to pay was questions. There is a large pool of money for you and the others draw from theirpersonal needs. Inside the envelope was a little bigger a, closed directed to you. If you wish, I will open and read for you. But if you prefer, one of my children, I can take you if want to read it in privacy. " " Mr. Clayton,.. " " Please - call me Walter. " " Thank you... Please call me 'Cliff '. Walter, if you please, as s I know, Roger is good and everything is fine, I would read the letter I. They can easily enter your home to get it. " " No, it is not necessary. I have two young men who live with me that I refer to as my adopted children. " One of them... Kyle, I believe, satisfies Jay in his house for coffee in the afternoon. Kyle and my other 'adopted' No son, whose name is Ryan can bring this letter to you now. " " My God, Walter, that would be wonderful. Do you have my address? " " Yes, of course. would not be much of a lawyer, without my customer addresses, now what? "n " Sorry, I did not think... I'm so excited, Whereuld it has order to hurry, but please be careful ? " " You should be here in 15 to 20 minutes. " "Thanks ! " " Since I will handle the bulk of the funds around and your house, maybe we can do justice to either my home or yours, morning or the next day, and I can give up on bills and as. " " I would join you. Tell me when, where and I'll be there. " " I'll call my secretary in the morning and you call it s time and place. I can arrange my schedule to communicate with you. " " This is very good. Good evening and thank you very much ! " " Goodnight, Cliff " The others tended to the cliffs and were receiving calls to tingling with excitement. A witness would have thought that he had n \\ \\ only the real Santa Claus is on the roof may appear. Fifteen or twenty minutes to an hour if you wait n as Cliff. But he soon saw the departure of the headlights turned in the long driveway. Two men got out very well. Cliff noticed that one of the two, Kyle was so good looking that someone might want to time to make it as a work of art in a museum to look at. The other, Cliff Ryan gave the letter as soon as they came down the stairs. Cliff grabbed it did appear, friendly and not too thick. He was aware that the boys others wanted to hear the answers in the letter... But for now, Cliff Roger wanted this piece of paper had touched, to be his... That is all. It s entered the study and care opened the envelope to make it not be words from a hospital. A cliff.... rest and counted to three, to compose even before sitting down to read the letter (To be continued in " Briarwood " Book Three is - "Briarwood Lost" - Chapter - 26) Ritchris Copyright 2005.
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